About Us

About Us
Financial Fortress Builder's mission is to help clients build and retain wealth through the use of Private Family Banking™ and The Infinite Banking Concept® . We accomplish this mission by providing education and support to our clients so they can make more informed decisions to build their financial fortress.
Financial Fortress Builders was created by Brian Fleming, a retired police officer of 25 years, out of a desire to help people build and keep their personal wealth. Brian is a licensed insurance agent and an authorized practitioner of The Infinite Banking Concept®. Brian is also a Certified Elder Planning Specialist helping people still protect their assets when the need for Medicaid arises even if already in a nursing home. Don't Go Broke In A Nursing Home, it's never to late to plan.
"Financial Fortress Builders has changed my life. I have been able to reduce my debt, save for the future, and have the peace of mind that my family's financial future will be secure." - David H. Private Family Banker
Mission & Vision
Why do most middle-income families still struggle today? Because the conventional financial wisdom that gets handed down through generations isn’t designed to teach wealth accumulation. We’ll teach you the Real Secrets Of Money to help you understand the basics of Infinite Banking. We will support you along the way as you build your personal Financial Fortress.

Financial Fortress Builders is seeking to help anyone that is serious about reclaiming their financial future and/or building wealth and prosperity. Are you a business owner, a doctor, in real estate, or simply looking to get out of debt? We would love to talk to you.

If you are interested in learning more about Financial Fortress Builders, Private Family Banking™, or The Infinite Banking Concept® do not hesitate to call Brian Fleming at 414.762.6849 or e-mail Financial Fortress Builders at info@financialfortressbuilders.com.

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